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Cooling Tower Maintenance, Repair and Retrofit

Inspection: Reconstruction Specialists perform a comprehensive physical inspection of your cooling tower

Analysis: Use of advanced computer modeling establishes the “as built” capability of your cooling tower, along with various predicted performance increases.

Engineering: Utilizing the latest technology available to our industry, Reconstruction Specialists identify the optimum component integration for increased cooling capacity.

  • Structure refurbishment
  • Performance upgrade
  • Gear Reducer conversions
  • Fan Deck / Hot Water Basin / Louver / Siding Replacement
  • Crossflow to Counterflow conversions
  • Wood to FRP Conversion specialists
    Conservative thermal ratings
  • Long life
  • Availability and operational reliability
  • Simpified maintenance
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis for both wood and FRP structural designs
  • Comprehensive Maintenance and Operations Manuals